Gardening in the World Language Classroom

Gardening in the World Language Classroom

Experiential education allows students to use the theories and skills gained in the classroom to solve real-world problems, while also giving them an opportunity to use the target language in a real-world setting. By associating language use with a real-world context, students see the utility of the target language. In this session, we’ll learn about a variety of practical ways of using gardening to serve as a springboard for using the target language. Weather permitting, we’ll visit the Kent Place School World Language Garden to see what’s growing – and maybe have a job to do!

Assessment Sheet (pre-literate learners)
Les Besoins des Plantes (poster) (in French, but in Microsoft Word, so it’s editable)
Garden Data Sheet (French)
Gouin Series Worksheet (1)

Homeschool Gardening Unit (in English)
Lizée, G. (1995). Unité Modèle: Les Plantes

Smith, M. (2019). School Gardens and Naturalistic Learners

PRESENTATION: Gardening in the World Language Classroom (for web)